Teaching & Writing

In addition to working as a lawyer, patent agent and trademark agent, Alexander Stack teaches, writes, and is often invited to speak about intellectual property, business and international law subjects.

Alex teaches a graduate-level course on Intellectual Property Law and Strategy at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law as part of the Global Professional (GPLLM) program. Alex also teaches intellectual property law and business law courses at Ryerson University as part of the Ted Rogers School of Management and the Chang School.

Alex also writes in the areas of intellectual property, business and international law, including the books International Patent Law: Cooperation, Harmonization and an Institutional Analysis of WIPO and the WTO (Edward Elgar, 2011)  and Calculating Monetary Remedies in Intellectual Property Cases in Canada, co-authored with Andrew Harington and Dimitrios Dimitropoulos (The Brattle Group, 2018)