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Patent Law

Patent Agent in Toronto, ON

Patents provide a time-limited right to exclusively make, use or sell a useful invention. Patents can be monopolies over practical solutions to problems, and can be very valuable assets to a business.

To obtain a patent, you must file a patent application, which is both a scientific/technical document and a legal document, since it must set out the technical details of your invention, but must also support your legal entitlement to a granted patent. Once you have filed your patent application, you typically negotiate with the patent office to determine whether you should be granted a patent (called prosecution), and what is included within its bounds of protection.

I can help you with
  • Deciding whether to file a patent application, including searches to assess the prior art
  • Preparing a patent application
  • Deciding where, how and when to file your patent application, including the filing of international or Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications, and the use of the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)
  • Filing and prosecuting Canadian and foreign patent applications
  • Planning and handling patent portfolios
  • Patent licensing (both in- and out- licensing) and related commercial agreements
  • Infringement, freedom-to-operate and validity analyses
  • Cease and desist letters; advice on enforcement


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